Post Brexit: challenges and opportunities for radiology beyond the European Union.

  title={Post Brexit: challenges and opportunities for radiology beyond the European Union.},
  author={Marta Piorkowska and Vicky J Goh and Thomas C. Booth},
  journal={The British journal of radiology},
  volume={90 1072},
We aimed to review the challenges and opportunities that radiology may face once the UK leaves the European Union (EU). Even before the exit negotiations commence, uncertainty over future policies and funding within the UK may influence the National Health Service (NHS). We discuss the potential impact that financial, regulatory and social changes may have on healthcare, and radiology in particular. Current difficulties in recruitment and retention of radiologists and the challenges that Brexit… 
Exploring the translational challenge for medical applications of ionising radiation and corresponding radiation protection research
A lack of interoperability between systems, insufficient resources, unsatisfactory education and training, and the need for greater public awareness surrounding the benefits, risks, and applications of ionising radiation were identified as principal translational challenges to inform a tailored innovation transfer framework for medical radiation research.


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