Post-9/11 Views of Rome and the Nature of “Defensive Imperialism”

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  • Sociology
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Das römische Gespräch in a New Key: Hannah Arendt, Genocide, and the Defense of Republican Civilization*
  • A. Moses
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All too often, the reputations of political thinkers mirror the fortunes of the state systems that invoke their names. Marxism fell out of favor as the Cold War wound down, replaced by liberalExpand
Pax Romana/Pax Americana: Views of the “New Rome” from “Old Europe,” 2000–2010
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Pax Romana/Pax Americana: Perceptions of Rome in American Political Culture, 2000–2010
The citation of the parallels between ancient Rome and the modern U.S. enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in American journalism, political commentary, and popular current affairs literature duringExpand


Always I Am Caesar
List of Illustrations. Maps. Acknowledgements . Introduction. 1 Caesar the Politician: Power and the People in Republican Rome. 2 Conquests and Glories, Triumphs and Spoils: Caesar and the IdeologyExpand
Is There an
Are insurgents affected by new information about the United States' sensitivity to costs? Using data on attacks and variation in access to international news across Iraqi provinces, we identify anExpand