Possible worlds, physics and metaphysics

  title={Possible worlds, physics and metaphysics},
  author={Brian Skyrms},
  journal={Philosophical Studies},
  • B. Skyrms
  • Published 1 November 1976
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophical Studies
Why the World Doesn’t Need a Metaphysics of Transdisciplinarity
Four Views on the Axiology of Theism
Entanglement as the world-making relation: distance from entanglement
A resolution of this obstacle utilizes insights from the Ryu–Takayanagi formula and Susskind and Maldacena’s related ER = EPR conjecture to indicate how distance can be recovered from entanglement and thus carves the way forEntanglement fundamentalism.
On Explaining Everything
  • Diana Taschetto
  • Philosophy
    Metatheoria – Revista de Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia
  • 2019
This work explores foundational issues related to many-worlds theories in Cosmology. It is argued that the metaphysical picture drawn by these theories arise from metaphysical assumptions made during
Cosmological Arguments
The book discusses the structure, content, and evaluation of cosmological arguments. The introductory chapter investigates features essential to cosmological arguments. Traditionally, cosmological
Is mathematical knowledge a precedent for modal knowledge?: A novel objection to Lewis’s modal epistemology
Abstract The goal of this paper is to raise a novel objection to Lewis’s modal realist epistemology. After reformulating his modal epistemology, I shall argue that his view that we have necessary
How can we come to know metaphysical modal truths?
It is argued that recent counterfactual and dispositional accounts of modal knowledge cannot solve problems regarding specifically metaphysical modal truths, leaving us with the threat of skepticism about large portions of metaphysics, and certain other areas of philosophy.
Genuine Modal Realism, the Humean thesis and advanced modalizing
The paper argues that Lewis’ Genuine Modal Realism implies the existence of necessary connections of the sort that contradicts the Humean thesis that Lewis endorses, and endorsing, pace Divers, a non-redundancy interpretation of advanced modalizing.
Theistic Modal Realism I: The Challenge of Theistic Actualism
Genuine modal realism does not appear congenial to traditional theistic belief. Almost no contemporary philosopher believes that traditional beliefs can be made to fit comfortably with the conception