Possible sources of endothelin-1 in damaged rat brain.

  title={Possible sources of endothelin-1 in damaged rat brain.},
  author={Gen Yamada and Hiroshi Hama and Yoshitoshi Kasuya and Tomoh Masaki and Katsutoshi Goto},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology},
  volume={26 Suppl 3},
We investigated the sources of endothelin-1 (ET-1) detected in the damaged brain tissue of rats after cold injury. ET-1 in the injured sites was increased 1-5 days after the injury. Physiologic observations revealed that breakdown of the blood-brain barrier occurred and that plasma-derived albumin exuded into the brain parenchyma after cold injury. Radiolabeled ET-1, which was injected into the left cardiac ventricle, was detected in the tissue at the injury site, and ET-1-like immunoreactivity… CONTINUE READING

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