Possible role of mtDNA mutations in sudden infant death.


Variation in hypervariable region I (HVR-I) and mutations in coding areas of mtDNA were studied in 257 patients of sudden infant death caused by infections, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and borderline SIDS and in a control group of 102 living infants. Nine different point mutations were detected in the coding areas investigated: T3290C, T3308C… (More)


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@article{Opdal2002PossibleRO, title={Possible role of mtDNA mutations in sudden infant death.}, author={Siri Hauge Opdal and Ǻshild Vege and Thore Egeland and Musse Ahmed Musse and Torleiv Ole Rognum}, journal={Pediatric neurology}, year={2002}, volume={27 1}, pages={23-9} }