Possible introgression of B chromosomes between bee species (Genus Partamona ).

  title={Possible introgression of B chromosomes between bee species (Genus Partamona ).},
  author={Vander C Tosta and Jefferson B Marthe and Mara Garcia Tavares and T{\^a}nia Maria Fernandes-Salom{\~a}o and S{\'i}lvia das Graças Pompolo and Shirlei Maria Recco-Pimentel and Francisco Perfectti and L{\'u}cio Campos and Juan Pedro M Camacho},
  journal={Cytogenetic and genome research},
  volume={144 3},
The origin of supernumerary (B) chromosomes is still a debated topic, with intra- and interspecific origins being the most plausible options. In the bee Partamona helleri, a sequence-characterized amplified region (SCAR) marker being specific to B chromosomes suggested the possibility of interspecific origin. Here, we search for this marker in 3 close relative species and perform DNA sequence comparison between species. The SCAR sequence does not show homology with other sequences in the… CONTINUE READING


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