Possible axonal regrowth in late recovery from the minimally conscious state.

  title={Possible axonal regrowth in late recovery from the minimally conscious state.},
  author={Henning U. Voss and Aziz M. Ulug and Jonathan P. Dyke and Richard Watts and Erik J Kobylarz and Bruce D. McCandliss and Linda A. Heier and Bradley J. Beattie and Klaus A. Hamacher and S. Vallabhajosula and Stanley J. Goldsmith and Douglas J. Ballon and Joseph T Giacino and Nicholas D. Schiff},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={116 7},
We used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to study 2 patients with traumatic brain injury. The first patient recovered reliable expressive language after 19 years in a minimally conscious state (MCS); the second had remained in MCS for 6 years. Comparison of white matter integrity in the patients and 20 normal subjects using histograms of apparent diffusion constants and diffusion anisotropy identified widespread altered diffusivity and decreased anisotropy in the damaged white matter. These… CONTINUE READING


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