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Possible Worlds: The Social Dynamic of Virtual Reality Technology

  title={Possible Worlds: The Social Dynamic of Virtual Reality Technology},
  author={Ralph Schroeder},
From the Publisher: Virtual reality has rapidly become one of the most exciting new computer technologies - exercising a strong hold on the popular imagination, attracting hundreds of researchers, and spawning a booming industry. This study explores the social implications of VR technology. It traces the history of VR and then relates it to general issues in the study of the effects of new information and communication technologies. The book examines VR's relationship to advanced research and… Expand
From Technology to Communication: Psycho-social Issues in Developing Virtual Environments
  • G. Riva
  • Computer Science
  • J. Vis. Lang. Comput.
  • 1999
A psycho-social framework for the development and tuning of VR systems is outlined, which identifies two key characteristics of satisfying virtual environments: disappearance of mediation and sense of community developed by interaction. Expand
(Im)materiality, Virtual Reality and Interaction: Grounding the ‘Virtual’ in Studies of Technology in Action
This paper explores the organisation of social interaction amongst participants ‘in’ Virtual Reality. Despite the wide-ranging sociological interest in ‘virtual’ technologies, there is rather littleExpand
Exploring Virtual Worlds : Conducting a Netnographic Research in Second Life
The development of the internet and growth of the number of users of this technology have shaped the beginning of the twenty-first century. Over the last decade, online games and social platformsExpand
The need for a socio-cultural perspective in the implementation of virtual environments
VR is described as an advanced communication tool: a communication interface in single- user VR, and a communication medium in the case of multi-user VR, which leads to acultural concept of presence as a social construction. Expand
Social Life in Virtual Worlds: Structure and Interaction in Multi-User Virtual Reality Technology
This paper analyses social interaction in multi-user virtual worlds and suggests that computers are playing an increasing role in communication – or more broadly, social – networks. Expand
Demographics of Virtual Worlds
Virtual worlds, as both a concept and an industry, has changed radically over the past 10 years, from a toy for the technological elite, to an over-hyped marketing phenomenon, to a neededExpand
Activeworlds: Geography and social interaction in virtual reality
This paper examines the interrelation between the geographical and social aspects of virtual worlds. We examine the main geographical features of Activeworlds, a multi-user virtual environmentExpand
Redesigning Experience Consumption in Social VR Worlds : Decentralised Value Creation, Mobilisation, and Exchanges
Virtual reality technology based corporates have been developing user-driven open markets for over a decade. The most noticeable initial player was Linden Lab, the service provider of Second LifeExpand
Virtual Reality as Communication Tool: A Sociocognitive Analysis
  • G. Riva
  • Computer Science
  • Presence
  • 1999
VR is described as a communication tool: a communication medium in the case of multiuser VR and a communication interface in single-user VR, together with the methodological and technical implications for the study of interactive communication via computers. Expand
STUDY COMMUNICATION USING VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS & ANIMATION 1 The Study of Interpersonal Communication Using Virtual Environments and Digital Animation: Approaches and Methodologies
  • 2018
Virtual technologies inherit great potential as methodology to study interpersonal communication. Current Virtual Reality (VR) technology is becoming increasingly available and accessible forExpand