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Possible Health Implications Associated with Cosmetics: A Review

  title={Possible Health Implications Associated with Cosmetics: A Review},
  author={N OkerekeJ.},
Cosmetics are products applied to the body or face to improve appearance. Theycleanse, beautify, promote attractiveness and alter appearance of the body. The concept of beauty and cosmetics is as old as mankind and civilization. Assorted beauty products such as skincare products, hair products, fragrances, oral hygiene, and nail products, which may contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to health are used especially by women. Most cosmetic products contain hazardous chemicals like Sodium… 


Heavy metal content and antimicrobial activities of some Naturally occurring facial cosmetics in Nigeria
Cosmetics are products, chemical or natural applied to the face or body to improve appearance. However, concern for our physical appearance must be balanced with finding conscientious means by which
Fragrance: emerging health and environmental concerns
Products containing scent are a part of daily life. The majority of cosmetics, toiletries, household and laundry products contain fragrance. In addition, there is exposure to fragrance from products
Handbook on Cosmetics ( Processes , Formulae with Testing Methods )
Cosmetics products are created for application on the body for the purpose of cleansing, beautifying or altering appearance and enhancing attractive features. It is not similar like medicines in
Metals and arsenic in eye shadows
The overall results indicate that eye‐shadows probably have no significant systemic toxicological effects, and the groups at greatest risk are those already sensitized to the allergenic elements.
Heavy Metal Exposure from Personal Care Products
Since no limit relating to cosmetic products is available, it is difficult to ascertain if the values of metals obtained in this study are too high or low; but Cd and Cr are prohibited in any amount in cosmetics.
Skincare Product Usage: Implications on Health and Wellbeing of Africans
A weak positive correlation between the level of education and knowledge of the chemical composition of skincare products was indicated and an over-reliance of respondents on foreign skincar products for beauty enhancement was revealed.
Personal Hair Dye Use and Cancer: A Systematic Literature Review and Evaluation of Exposure Assessment in Studies Published Since 1992
Results for bladder cancer studies suggest that subsets of the population may be genetically susceptible to hair dye exposures, but these findings are based on small subgroups in one well-designed case-control study.
Herbal cosmetics in ancient India
  • Kunda B. Patkar
  • Environmental Science
    Indian journal of plastic surgery : official publication of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
  • 2008
It appears that the whole range of modern cosmetic usage was conceived by the ancient Indians and was practiced with the help of natural resources then available.
Concentrations of parabens in human breast tumours
Initial studies reported here show that parabens can be extracted from human breast tissue and detected by thin‐layer chromatography and this should open the way technically for more detailed information to be obtained on body burdens of paraben and in particular whether body burdens are different in cancer from those in normal tissues.
Acute toxic effects of fragrance products.
Some fragrance products emitted chemicals that caused a variety of acute toxicities in mice that were more severe after mice were repeatedly exposed to the fragrance products.