Possible Emergence of West Caucasian Bat Virus in Africa

  title={Possible Emergence of West Caucasian Bat Virus in Africa},
  author={Ivan V. Kuzmin and Michael Niezgoda and Richard Franka and Bernard R Agwanda and Wanda Markotter and Janet C. Beagley and Olga Yu Urazova and Robert F. Breiman and Charles E. Rupprecht},
  journal={Emerging Infectious Diseases},
  pages={1887 - 1889}
The prevalence of neutralizing antibody against West Caucasian bat virus (WCBV) in Miniopterus bats collected in Kenya ranged from 17% to 26%. Seropositive bats were detected in 4 of 5 locations sampled across the country. These findings provide evidence that WCBV, originally isolated in Europe, may emerge in other continents.