[Possibility to screen COPD in emergency department].


INTRODUCTION The COPD is a stake of public health because of its prevalence in the world, its morbi-mortality and its considerable cost (2,2 billion euros/year in France). An early screening allows for a fast and effective intervention. MATERIAL AND METHOD The prospective study with in the emergency department of Roanne included smokers and ex-smokers… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.pneumo.2011.06.009


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@article{Vial2012PossibilityTS, title={[Possibility to screen COPD in emergency department].}, author={Manuel Vial and Peter Apelt and Pierluigi Cavalli and Tadhg Guerin and P. Vercherin and J M Vergnon}, journal={Revue de pneumologie clinique}, year={2012}, volume={68 1}, pages={10-6} }