Possibilities to control the health risk of petrochemical workers.

  title={Possibilities to control the health risk of petrochemical workers.},
  author={Tzveta Georgieva and Anna Michailova and Teodor I. Panev and Todor Popov},
  journal={International archives of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={75 Suppl},
OBJECTIVES It is well known that the adverse health effects of a number of chemical substances are related to the formation of free radicals. The aim of this study was to assess the degree of oxidative stress and the possibility of strengthening the antioxidative potential of the organism by antioxidant treatment. METHODS The levels of benzene, toluene, xylene, hexane, ethylbenzene and total hydrocarbons were measured in workplace air by personal dosimetry. A questionnaire was used to collect… CONTINUE READING


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