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Possessive Constructions in Egyptian and Coptic

  title={Possessive Constructions in Egyptian and Coptic},
  • Published 2010
  • Linguistics
The distribution of Coptic possessive constructions can be defined purely in terms of syntactic constraints in which the definiteness of the possessed noun will have a decisive role. In relation to a comparison made between one of the Coptic possessive patterns and the so-called construct state phenomenon, a historical overview will also be presented to explore the possibility of a true construct state formation in earlier Egyptian language stages. This paper aims to point out that, from a… 
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Chapter 5 From suffix to prefix to interposition via Differential Object Marking in Egyptian-Coptic

This article argues that Differential Argument Indexing (DOI) and Differential Argument Marking (DOM) constructions in Coptic (Afroasiatic, Egypt) are reanalyzed, resulting in a set of verbs with

Did Greek Influence the Coptic Preference for Prefixing? A Quantitative-Typological Perspective

The present article takes a quantitative approach to investigating contact-induced change, using typological parameters established for the purposes of cross-linguistic comparison. Specifically, it

Direkter und indirekter Genitiv im Älteren Ägyptisch nach dem Zeugnis der Sargtexte

Summary Based on the Coffin Text corpus, the use of the two genitive constructions (direct vs. indirect) of Earlier Egyptian is investigated. It is argued that there is no functional difference



Determination-Signalling Environment in Old and Middle Egyptian: Work-Notes and Reflections

(1.1) Barring the Nominal Sentence, Egyptian grammatical study of the heroic age, from Old Egyptian to Middle Egyptian, from K. Sethe to H. J. Polotsky, was mainly concerned with the verbal system

Topics in Coptic Syntax: Structural Studies in the Bohairic Dialect

The work aims at reinstating the Bohairic dialect as central in the synchronic and diachronic appreciation of Coptic grammar, and at proving the syntactical independence of the BohAiric text A"vis a visA" the Greek original - indeed, at making the case, by contrastive analysis, for a greater sophistication of the Holtic system.

The syntax of English genitive constructions

As is well known, English has two genitive or possessive constructions, the ‘proposed’ and the ‘postposed’, exemplified in (1). In each case we have an NP, with a head N (book, office, dog, house,

Varia Grammatica

EVERY teacher of Egyptian language is inevitably involved from time to time in a reconsideration of the linguistic views put forward in Gardiner's EgyptianGrammar, which is still the grammatical

Explaining Article-Possessor Complementarity: Economic Motivation in Noun Phrase Syntax.

In many languages the definite article cannot occur when a possessive phrase is present in the NP (e.g. English *the my book, *John's the book). I argue that these patterns can be understood in terms

Grammaire Copte

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