Possession is 99% of the Law: 3D Printing, Public Domain Cultural Artifacts & Copyright

  title={Possession is 99\% of the Law: 3D Printing, Public Domain Cultural Artifacts \& Copyright},
  author={Charles Cronin},
  journal={Intellectual Property: Other eJournal},
  • Charles Cronin
  • Published 2016
  • Sociology
  • Intellectual Property: Other eJournal
Since time immemorial there has been an uneasy rapport between those who own tangible cultural artifacts, and those who wish to examine them, and record, analyze, and reproduce the information they embody. Owners of physical objects - museums, libraries, individuals, etc. - are caught between a desire to enhance the prestige and renown of these artifacts through public display, and a fear that non-owners might capitalize without their authorization, or any apparent benefit to them, upon their… Expand
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