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Positron driven muon source for a muon collider.

  title={Positron driven muon source for a muon collider.},
  author={David Alesini and Mario Antonelli and Maria Enrica Biagini and Manuela Boscolo and Oscar Blanco-Garc{\'i}a and A. Ciarma and Rodolfo Cimino and Matteo Iafrati and A. Giribono and Susanna Guiducci and Luigi Pellegrino and M. Rotondo and Cristina Vaccarezza and A. Variola A. Allegrucci and Fabio Anulli and Matteo Bauce and Francesco Collamati and G.Cavoto and Gianmario Cesarini and Francesco Iacoangeli and Roberto Li Voti and Alberto Bacci and I. Drebot and Panteleo Raimondi and Simone Liuzzo and Iryna Chaikovska and R. Chehab and Nicola Carlo Amapane and Nazar Bartosik and Carla Maria Bino and Alessandra Cappati and Giorgio Cotto and Nadia Pastrone and Mario Pelliccioni and O. Sans Planell M. Casarza and Erik Vallazza and Giorgio Ballerini and C. Brizzolari and Valerio Mascagna and Michael Prest and Marina Bertolin and Camilla Curatolo and Franco Gonella and Altea Lorenzon and Daniele Lucchesi and Mattia Morandin and Jacopo Pazzini and Roberto Rossin and Leonardo Sestini and Sandro Ventura and Marialetizia Carra and Peter Sievers and Lorenzo Peroni and Martina Scapin},
  • David Alesini, Mario Antonelli, +51 authors Martina Scapin
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • The design of a future multi-TeV muon collider needs new ideas to overcome the technological challenges related to muon production, cooling, accumulation and acceleration. In this paper a layout of a positron driven muon source known as the Low EMittance Muon Accelerator (LEMMA) concept is presented. The positron beam, stored in a ring with high energy acceptance and low emittance, is extracted and driven to a multi-target system, to produce muon pairs at threshold. This solution alleviates the… CONTINUE READING

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    Geant4 - A simulation toolkit


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