Positron Production in Multiphoton Light-by-Light Scattering

  title={Positron Production in Multiphoton Light-by-Light Scattering},
  author={D. Burke and R. Field and G. Horton-Smith and J. Spencer and D. Walz and S. Berridge and W. Bugg and K. Shmakov and A. Weidemann and C. Bula and K. Mcdonald and E. Prebys and C. Bamber and S. Boege and T. Koffas and T. Kotseroglou and A. Melissinos and D. Meyerhofer and D. Reis and W. Ragg},
  • D. Burke, R. Field, +17 authors W. Ragg
  • Published 1997
  • A signal of 106 14 positrons above background has been observed in collisions of a low-emittance 46.6-GeV electron beam with terawatt pulses from a Nd:glass laser at 527 nm wavelength in an experiment at the Final Focus Test Beam at SLAC. The positrons are interpreted as arising from a two-step process in which laser photons are backscattered to GeV energies by the electron beam followed by a collision between the high-energy photon and several laser photons to produce an electron-positron pair… CONTINUE READING
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