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Positroid Links and Braid varieties

  title={Positroid Links and Braid varieties},
  author={Roger Casals and Eugene Gorsky and Mikhail Gorsky and Jos'e Simental},
We study braid varieties and their relation to open positroid varieties. First, we construct a DG-algebra associated to certain braid words, possibly admitting negative crossings, show that its zeroth cohomology is an invariant under braid equivalence and positive Markov moves, and provide an explicit geometric model for its cohomology in terms of an affine variety and a set of locally nilpotent derivations. Second, we discuss four different types of braids associated to open positroid strata… 
Plabic links, quivers, and skein relations
It is shown that the leaf recurrence for plabic graphs corresponds to the skein relation for the associated links, thus establishing Conjecture 2.8 for leaf recurrent plabIC graphs.
Rational Noncrossing Coxeter-Catalan Combinatorics
. We solve two open problems in Coxeter–Catalan combinatorics. First, we introduce a family of rational noncrossing objects for any finite Coxeter group, using the combinatorics of distinguished