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Positivity for the clamped plate equation under high tension

  title={Positivity for the clamped plate equation under high tension},
  author={Sascha Eichmann and Reiner M. Schatzle},
In this article we consider positivity issues for the clamped plate equation with high tension γ > 0. This equation is given by ∆2u − γ∆u = f under clamped boundary conditions. Here we show, that given a positive f , i.e. upwards pushing, we find a γ0 > 0 such that for all γ ≥ γ0 the bending u is indeed positive. This γ0 only depends on the domain and the ratio of the L1 and L∞ norm of f . In contrast to a recent result by Cassani and Tarsia, our approach is valid in all dimensions. 


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