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Positivism and Christianity: A Study of Theism and Verifiability

  title={Positivism and Christianity: A Study of Theism and Verifiability},
  author={Kenneth H. Klein},
I. Statement of the Issues.- A. Overview of the Positivist stand upon theism.- B. Exposition of the Positivist stand on the issues.- 1. "The statement that God exists is, at least putatively, a statement of fact".- 2. "A necessary condition of a genuine statement of fact is that it must be Verifiable".- 3. "The statement that God exists is not Verifiable".- Retrospect.- C. Appendix: Unintelligible words and unintelligible sentences.- II. Theism without belief in God.- A. Religious belief… 
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Eschatological Verification Reconsidered

The world in which we find ourselves is religiously ambiguous. It is possible for different people (as also for the same person at different times) to experience it both religiously and