Positively supercoiled DNA in a virus-like particle of an archaebacterium

  title={Positively supercoiled DNA in a virus-like particle of an archaebacterium},
  author={M. Nadal and Gilles Mirambeau and Patrick Forterre and W. F. Reiter and Michel Duguet},
The topological state of DNA is of importance in a variety of essential biological events1–4. Covalently closed circular DNA duplexes isolated from eukaryotic cells and their viruses, as well as from eubacteria and their bacteriophages are, without exception, negatively supercoiled. Little is known about the topological state of the DNA in archaebacteria, a group of organisms distinct from both ekaryotes and eubacteria5, but recently an ATP-dependent DNA topoisomerase has been isolated from the… CONTINUE READING