Positive trigonometric quadrature formulas and quadrature on the unit circle

  title={Positive trigonometric quadrature formulas and quadrature on the unit circle},
  author={Franz Peherstorfer},
  journal={Math. Comput.},
We give several descriptions of positive quadrature formulas which are exact for trigonometric -, respectively, Laurent polynomials of degree less or equal $n-1-m$, $0\leq m\leq n-1$. A complete and simple description is obtained with the help of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle. In particular it is shown that the nodes polynomial can be generated by a simple recurrence relation. As a byproduct interlacing properties of zeros of para-orthogonal polynomials are obtained. Finally… 
An optimal set of quadrature formulas with an odd number of nodes for trigonometric polynomials in Borges’ sense [Numer. Math. 67 (1994), 271-288], as well as trigonometric multiple orthogonal
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In a recent paper (SIAM J. Math. Anal., 12 (1981), pp. 935–942) we have described positive quadrature formulas (qf). The purpose of this note is to complete our results on positive qf and to extend