Positive regulation of c-Myc by cohesin is direct, and evolutionarily conserved.

  title={Positive regulation of c-Myc by cohesin is direct, and evolutionarily conserved.},
  author={Jenny M Rhodes and Fiona K. Bentley and Cristin G. Print and Dale Dorsett and Ziva Misulovin and Emma J Dickinson and Kathryn E. Crosier and Philip S. Crosier and Julia A Horsfield},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={344 2},
Contact between sister chromatids from S phase to anaphase depends on cohesin, a large multi-subunit protein complex. Mutations in sister chromatid cohesion proteins underlie the human developmental condition, Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Roles for cohesin in regulating gene expression, sometimes in combination with CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF), have emerged. We analyzed zebrafish embryos null for cohesin subunit rad21 using microarrays to determine global effects of cohesin on gene expression… CONTINUE READING
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