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Positive energy representations of gauge groups I: Localization

  title={Positive energy representations of gauge groups I: Localization},
  author={Bas Janssens and Karl-Hermann Neeb},
This is the first in a series of papers on projective positive energy representations of gauge groups. Let $\Xi \rightarrow M$ be a principal fiber bundle, and let $\Gamma_{c}(M,\mathrm{Ad}(\Xi))$ be the group of compactly supported (local) gauge transformations. If $P$ is a group of `space-time symmetries' acting on $\Xi\rightarrow M$, then a projective unitary representation of $\Gamma_{c}(M,\mathrm{Ad}(\Xi))\rtimes P$ is of positive energy if every `timelike generator' $p_0 \in \mathfrak{p… Expand
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