Positive Indian Ocean Dipole events prevent anoxia along the west coast of India

  title={Positive Indian Ocean Dipole events prevent anoxia along the west coast of India},
  author={V K Parvathi and Indrani Suresh and Matthieu Lengaigne and Christian Ethe and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Vialard and Marina Ĺevy and Singh Neetu and Olivier Aumont and Laure Resplandy and Hema Naik and Wajih Naqvi},
The seasonal upwelling along the west coast of India (WCI) brings nutrient-rich, oxygen-poor subsurface waters 10 to the continental shelf, leading to very low oxygen concentrations at shallow depths during late boreal summer and fall. This yearly-recurring coastal hypoxia is sometimes more severe, leading to coastal anoxia that has strong impacts on the living resources. In the present study, we analyze a 1⁄4°-resolution coupled physical-biogeochemical regional oceanic simulation over the 1960… CONTINUE READING
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