Positive Electron Tracks

  title={Positive Electron Tracks},
  author={D. Skobeltzyn},
I. CURIE-JOLIOT, Anderson and Neddermeyer, Meitner and Philipp have been able to observe positive electrons produced by the hard γ-rays of thorium C″ in lead and other elements. An attempt to explain the phenomenon has been made by Oppenheimer and Plesset, who consider it as a kind of photo-effect from the levels of negative energy, the absorption of a quantum of light energy resulting in the formation of two material particles, a negative and a positive electron. A pair of these electrons… 
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Production of Positive Electrons by β-Particles

IN a previous note1 we described some experiments carried out with a weak source of radium placed inside an expansion chamber, and showed that the ordinary β-radiation is accompanied by an emission



On the Production of the Positive Electron

The experimental discovery of the positive electron gives us a striking confirmation of Dirac's theory od the electron, and of his most recent attempts to gice a consistent interpretation of the

The γ -Rays of Thorium B and of the Thorium C Bodies

A word of explanation is necessary in presenting this paper. It is unfinished, but designedly unfinished. When β-ray spectra were first discovered, the papers describing the experiments made no claim