Positive Definite Multi-Kernels for Scattered Data Interpolations

  title={Positive Definite Multi-Kernels for Scattered Data Interpolations},
  author={Qi Ye},
  • Qi Ye
  • Published 5 November 2021
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv



Solving Multilinear Systems with M-Tensors

This paper is concerned with solving some structured multi-linear systems, especially focusing on the equations whose coefficient tensors are M-tensors, or called M-equations for short. We prove that

Global Uniqueness and Solvability of Tensor Variational Inequalities

It is shown that the tensor variational inequality has the property of global uniqueness and solvability under some assumptions, which is different from the existing result for the general Variational inequality.

Generalized tensor equations with leading structured tensors

Solving Multi-linear Systems with $$\mathcal {M}$$M-Tensors

It is proved that a nonsingular $$\mathcal {M}$$M-equations with a positive right-hand side always has a unique positive solution.

Scattered Data Approximation

Generalized Mercer Kernels and Reproducing Kernel Banach Spaces

  • Yuesheng XuQi Ye
  • Computer Science
    Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society
  • 2019
It is shown that the infinite dimensional support vector machines in the p-norm RKBSs can be equivalently transferred to finite dimensional convex optimization problems such that the finite dimensional representations of the support vector machine solutions for practical applications are obtained.

Tensor Eigenvalues and Their Applications