Positioning and stability of nucleosomes on MMTV 3'LTR sequences.

  title={Positioning and stability of nucleosomes on MMTV 3'LTR sequences.},
  author={Andrew Flaus and Timothy J. Richmond},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={275 3},
Uniquely positioned nucleosomes were mapped in vitro on mouse mammary tumor 3' long terminal repeat (MMTV 3'LTR) DNA at base-pair resolution. Nucleosome A assembly was strongly favored over nucleosome B, and heating of each as a mononucleosome caused migration to the ends of the DNA fragment at a unique rate. Taken together with DNA sequence analysis, this suggests why MMTV 3'LTV nucleosome positions reported upstream of vector-derived sequences conflict and also how flanking genomic sequences… CONTINUE READING

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