Position control of multiple wheeled mobile robots using fuzzy logic


In the current study, a novel approach is presented for formation control of nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots (WMRs). The use of a general geometrical structure has led the considered robotic team form any desired configuration. Although various methodologies have been suggested for solving such formation control problem in the literature [1–2], the proposed kinematical method of the present investigation has several advantages in terms of its robustness, tracking performance, and superior energy consumption due to the fuzzy logic scheme developed. In this paper, a heading angle planner, based on a two-stage fuzzy logic system is proposed, providing appropriate heading angles for the mobile robot at each instant. In order to adjust the linear/angular velocity of the robots then, two further fuzzy controllers are devised. The results obtained from the computer simulation studies reveal the merits as well as effectiveness of the proposed method for formation control of a group of wheeled mobile robots.

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