Position control of an ultrasonic motor using generalized predictive control


Ultrasonic motors (USM) possess heavy nonlinear, and load dependent characteristics such as dead-zone and saturation reverse effects, which vary with driving conditions. These properties have made the position/velocity control of USM a difficult and challenging task. In this paper, a generalized model predictive (GPC) controller for precise USM position control is suggested. Simulation results indicate improved performance of the motor for both set point tracking and disturbance rejection. Since the motor and the controller both are of type one, the applied saturation would cause in wind up phenomenon. This drawback is removed by implementing the Quadratic GPC controller.

DOI: 10.1109/ICARCV.2004.1469460

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@article{Bigdeli2004PositionCO, title={Position control of an ultrasonic motor using generalized predictive control}, author={Nooshin Bigdeli and Mohammad Haeri}, journal={ICARCV 2004 8th Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision Conference, 2004.}, year={2004}, volume={3}, pages={1957-1962 Vol. 3} }