Position Reconstruction in a Dual Phase Xenon Scintillation Detector

  title={Position Reconstruction in a Dual Phase Xenon Scintillation Detector},
  author={Vladimir N Solovov and Vasilii A Belov and Dmitry Akimov and H. M. Ara{\'u}jo and Erick Barnes and Alexander A. Burenkov and V. Yu Chepel and Andrew C. Currie and L. deViveiros and Brian Matthew Edwards and C. Ghag and A. Hollingsworth and Martin Horn and George Kalmus and A. S. Kobyakin and Alexey Gennad'evich Kovalenko and V. N. Lebedenko and A. Lindote and M Isabel Lopes and R. Luscher and Pawel Majewski and A. St J. Murphy and F{\'a}bio Neves and S. M. Paling and J. Pinto da Cunha and Robert Preece and John J. Quenby and L. Reichhart and P. R. Scovell and Carla Gonçalves da Silva and N. J. T. Smith and Peter L. Smith and V. N. Stekhanov and Timothy J. Sumner and Colin H. Thorne and Robert J. Walker},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
We studied the application of statistical reconstruction algorithms, namely maximum likelihood and least squares methods, to the problem of event reconstruction in a dual phase liquid xenon detector. An iterative method was developed for in-situ reconstruction of the PMT light response functions from calibration data taken with an uncollimated γ -ray source… CONTINUE READING