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Posibilidades para el desarrollo de sistemas integrados con macroalgas en las Islas Canarias y su entorno

  title={Posibilidades para el desarrollo de sistemas integrados con macroalgas en las Islas Canarias y su entorno},
  author={Juan Luis G{\'o}mez-Pinchetti and Sonia Su{\'a}rez {\'A}lvarez and Leire G{\"u}enaga Unzetabarrenechea and F{\'e}lix L{\'o}pez Figueroa and Guillermo Garcia-Blairsy Reina},

Analysis of antioxidant capacity and bioactive compounds in marine macroalgal and lichenic extracts using different solvents and evaluation methods

Natural extracts of macroalgae are widely recognized for their antioxidant properties. In this work, the antioxidant capacity of various aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts obtained from red and

Production of Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids from Gracilaria vermiculophylla (Rhodophyta) Cultured Through One Year in an Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) System

MAA content in IMTA seaweeds was significantly affected by the interaction of time and stocking density, but not by the water flow, and MAAs could be further used as photoprotector and antioxidant compounds in cosmetic products.

Algae Production and Their Potential Contribution to a Nutritional Sustainability

Sustainable diets are defined as those that present low impacts both on the environment and the biodiversity, contributing to food and nutrition security and to a healthy life for present and future

Saccharina latissima (Laminariales, Ochrophyta) farming in an industrial IMTA system in Galicia (Spain)

A new and more productive marine farming system of Saccharina latissima (“sugar kelp”) combined with mussel rafts is described, giving greater added value to the species both as food and feed.



Cultivation of Gracilaria in outdoor tanks and ponds

This review deals with the major problems of unattached Gracilaria intensive cultivation in outdoor tanks and ponds through the main variables affecting the Gracilarian annual yield and the updated solutions evolved.

Integrated mariculture: asking the right questions

Reducing negative environmental impacts from aquaculture activities is a key issue for ensuring long-term sustainability of the industry. This study examines the major findings and methodology

Mecanismos de asimilación de carbono y nitrógeno en algas marinas. Aplicación a la biofiltralción de afluentes de piscifactorias

En esta tesis se ha realizado un estudio de los mecanismos de captacion y asimilacion de los principales elementos nutritivos (carbono y nitrogeno) en algas clorofitas marinas y la aplicacion de

The Need for a Balanced Ecosystem Approach to Blue Revolution Aquaculture

The need for a Balanced Ecosystem Approach to Blue Revolution Aquaculture and its implications for climate change and sustainable development are discussed.

Mariculture Waste Management

Production of biodiesel from macroalgae by supercritical CO2 extraction and thermochemical liquefaction

We compare two different techniques for the extraction of biodiesel from macroalgae: the thermochemical liquefaction and the extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2). The first allows

Integrated algal farming : a review

Results indiquent that la production de poissons peut atteindre 30 kg m -3 , avec une production associee de Gracilaria aux fermes de saumon, est capable of prelever des proportions significatives of l'ammoniaque excretee par les poisson.