Portugal Millennium Ecosystem Assessment State of the Assessment Report

  title={Portugal Millennium Ecosystem Assessment State of the Assessment Report},
  author={Henrique Miguel Pereira and Tiago Domingos and Luis Vicente and Lu{\'i}s Vicente Lead and Helena Ad{\~a}o and Carlos Henrique De Aguiar and Francisco Andrade and Miguel Araujo and Carlos A. C. Belo and F{\'a}tima Borges and Maria Jo{\~a}o Burnay and Henrique Cabral and Helena Maria de Oliveira Freitas and Fuensanta Salas Herrero and Maria Am{\'e}lia Louç{\~a}o and Jo{\~a}o Carlos de Novais Marques and Rui Marques and Am{\'e}rico Mendes and Elvira Pereira and Jo{\~a}o Domingos Augusto dos Santos Pereira and Simone Ferreira Pio and Rui Rebelo and Eug{\'e}nio Sequeira and Fernando Brito and Vera da Costa Soares and Helena Carvalho and Alexandra Correia and Margarida Ferreira and Marques Ferreira and Francisco Fonseca and Paulo Marques and C. Marta and H. Martins and Maria Jos{\'e} das Dores Martins and Rute Maria Pinto and V{\^a}nia Proença and Cibele Queiroz and Margarida Santos-Reis and Teresa Avelar and Paulo Canaveira and Henrique Cyrne de Carvalho and Isabel Guerra and C{\'a}tia Rosas and Nuno Sarmento and Luis Rochartre {\'A}lvares and V{\'i}tor Barros and Teresa Veronica Catonho Ribeiro and Humberto Rosa and Rui Alves and Teresa Andersen and Keneth Cassman and Teresa Pinto Correia and Luis Costa and Manuel Graça and Pedro Lencart and J M M{\'a}nuel and Lima Santos}
1 This report is a contribution to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment prepared by the Portugal Sub-Global Assessment Team. The report has been prepared and reviewed through a process approved by the MA Board but the report itself has not been accepted or approved by the Assessment Panel or the MA Board.