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Ports, dock workers and labour market conflicts

  title={Ports, dock workers and labour market conflicts},
  author={Jesper Hamark},
Ports, dock workers and labour market conflicts Gothenburg Studies in economic History 12 (2014) iSbn: 978-91-86217-11-2 Author: Jesper Hamark doctoral dissertation in economic History at the department of economy and Society, School of business, economics and Law, university of Gothenburg, P.o. box 625, Se-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden. (Written in english.) distribution: department of economy and Society (address as above). this dissertation consists of an… Expand
Labour market conflicts in Scandinavia, c. 1900–1938: The scientific need to separate strikes and lockouts
Research on labour markets conflicts has come a long way. Today we know that conflicts vary over business cycles and with the design of labour market institutions; they tend to cluster around warsExpand
From Conflict to Compromise: The Importance of Mediation in Swedish Work Stoppages 1907-1927
Institutions for prevention and resolution of labor market conflicts were introduced all over the world in the early twentieth century. In this paper we analyze the impact of mediation on compromiseExpand
Defending dissertations on economic history
In most disciplines, the number, quality and topics of doctoral dissertations afford useful information on the state of affairs in research and formal graduate education. Moreover, dissertations mayExpand
Strikes and Lockouts in Sweden : Reconsidering Raphael’s List of Work Stoppages 1859-1902
This paper presents and discusses a recently digitized, dataset of strikes and lockouts in Sweden for the period 1859-1902. The dataset, which originally was collected by Axel Raphael byExpand
Unlocking the Social Trap: Inequality, Trust and the Scandinavian Welfare State
Recent research suggests that economic inequality thwarts attempts to establish a welfare state. The corollary of this view is that today's welfare states had witnessed an equality revolution alreadyExpand
Sweden 1910–1950: The Contentious Swedes – Popular Struggle and Democracy
In the early twentieth century, Sweden was on the verge of developing into a democracy. This was not done without conflict, however. In the 1910s, the main struggle was between the people’s power andExpand


Essays on trade unions and functional income distribution
Essays on Trade Unions and Functional Income Distribution Gothenburg Studies in Economic History 9 (2013) ISBN 978-91-86217-08-2 Author: Erik Bengtsson Doctoral Dissertation in Economic History atExpand
Labour disputes in 2009
SUMMARYIn 2009, 455,200 working days were lost in the UK from 98 stoppages of work arising from labour disputes. In 2009 strike action between the public and private sectors were evenly spread, withExpand
Persistent Militants and Quiescent Comrades: Intra-Industry Strike Activity on the Docks, 1947–89
Although dockers have figured prominently as a critical case in many standard theories of industrial conflict, they have often behaved in ways which these theories cannot grasp. This is perhaps mostExpand
Industrial Conflict in Advanced Industrial Societies.
This study focuses on strike activity during the 1950–1969 period in ten industrial societies, The first section of the paper deals with issues of strike measurement and introduces aExpand
On the Political Economy of Long-Run Trends in Strike Activity
Outbursts of strike activity in many industrial societies during the late 1960s and early 1970s focused considerable attention on relations between labour, capital and the state in advancedExpand
Gender-specific Strategies for Industrial Action: The Swedish Case in Historical Perspective
From a trade union perspective, a pre-condition for successful bargaining has always been the possibility to take powerful industrial action, with the strike as the most important means. One resultExpand
Capitalists Against Markets: The Making of Labor Markets and Welfare States in the United States and Sweden
Capitalists Against Markets: The Making of Labor Markets and Welfare States in the United States and Sweden. By Peter A. Swenson. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. 448p. $24.95. Peter SwensonExpand
Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution
Can the welfare state survive in an economically integrated world? Many have argued that globalization has undermined national policies to raise the living standards and enhance the economicExpand
Productivity and American Leadership: The Long View
Those who announce the demise of American's position as an economic world leader are, like the author of Mark Twain's obituary, a bit premature. "Productivity and American Leadership "examines andExpand
Contemporary strike trends since 1980: peering through the wrong end of a telescope
Introduction There has been limited interest among academics in strikes as a social and industrial phenomena in recent years. This has also been the case in the media, although there, the limitedExpand