Portal hypertensive gastric mucosa: an endoscopic study.

  title={Portal hypertensive gastric mucosa: an endoscopic study.},
  author={Ars{\'e}ne Papazian and A Braillon and Jean-louis Dupas and F S{\'e}venet and J. P. Capron},
  volume={27 10},
The endoscopic features of the gastric mucosa in patients with cirrhosis have not been systematically investigated. In these patients, we observed an endoscopic aspect, consisting of multiple small erythematous areas, outlined by a subtle yellowish network (resembling a mosaic), mainly located in the proximal part of the stomach. We tested the value of this sign by comparing two groups: 100 patients with portal hypertension due to cirrhosis, and 300 control patients without signs of liver… CONTINUE READING


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