Porphyry's Life of Plato

  title={Porphyry's Life of Plato},
  author={James A. Notopoulos},
  journal={Classical Philology},
  pages={284 - 293}
T nHE fourth book of Porphyry's ?tX6o4o-oos loropLa, which contained the life of Plato and a summary of his philosophy, has been lost. The few fragments' that survive as quotations in Cyril of Alexandria offer very little help in themselves for reconstructing Porphyry's life of Plato. E. Maass believes that Porphyry's life of Plato can almost be reconstructed from the extant lives of Plato by Diogenes Laertius, Apuleius, and Olympiodorus, and one which, in the absence of the author's name, is… 
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