Porobeltraniella gen. nov. to accommodate two species of Beltraniella.

  title={Porobeltraniella gen. nov. to accommodate two species of Beltraniella.},
  author={Lu{\'i}s Fernando and Pascholati Gusm{\~a}o},
  volume={96 1},
The genus Beltraniella Subramanian is characterized by setiform conidiophores with radially lobed basal cells, separating cells and lageniform conidia with the distal free end truncate, proximal end rostrate, with a subhyaline transverse band at equatorial zone. Beltraniella porosa and Beltraniella patilii are two species that show characteristics distinct from Beltraniella: They have sterile lateral setae arising at the conidiogenous apparatus and several equatorial pores in place of the… CONTINUE READING

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