Porobeltraniella gen. nov. to accommodate two species of Beltraniella

  title={Porobeltraniella gen. nov. to accommodate two species of Beltraniella},
  author={Lu{\'i}s Fernando and Pascholati Gusm{\~a}o},
  pages={150 - 153}
The genus Beltraniella Subramanian is characterized by setiform conidiophores with radially lobed basal cells, separating cells and lageniform conidia with the distal free end truncate, proximal end rostrate, with a subhyaline transverse band at equatorial zone. Beltraniella porosa and Beltraniella patilii are two species that show characteristics distinct from Beltraniella: They have sterile lateral setae arising at the conidiogenous apparatus and several equatorial pores in place of the… Expand
Beltrania-Like Taxa from Thailand
Four Beltrania-like taxa were identified during a survey of hyphomycetes in Thailand and two new species are introduced based on morphological and molecular differences and compared with similar taxa. Expand
Resolving the phylogenetic placement of Porobeltraniella and allied genera in the Beltraniaceae
This study provides the first phylogenetic placement of genera Beltraniella, Porobeltranieella, Pseudobeltransia and Hemibeltrania in the Beltraniaceae based on fresh specimens, type studies and molecular phylogenetic analyses. Expand
Beltraniopsis rhombispora and Hemibeltrania decorosa from leaf litter in the Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia, Brazil
Abstract Species of the Beltrania group are constantly identified in association with a variety of plant debris in Brazil and different localities of the world. Leaf litter samples of MyrciaExpand
Refined families of Sordariomycetes
This treatment of the class Sordariomycetes provides up-to-date DNA based phylogenies for 45 orders and 163 families and provides general descriptions and illustrate the type genus or another genus, where the placement has generally been confirmed with molecular data. Expand
A total of 15 species of saprobe anamorphic fungi collected in a fragment of jungle of the Centro de Interpretacion y Convivencia con la Naturaleza Yumka’ in the state of Tabasco are described. ForExpand
Especies raras de hongos anamorfos saprobios en el estado de Tabasco
15 especies de hongos anamorfos saprobios colectados en un fragmento de selva del Centro de Interpretacion y Convivencia con the Naturaleza Yumka’ en el estado of Tabasco representan nuevos registros para Mexico y Tabaso. Expand


Beltrania Penzig : B. magnoliae sp. nov., avec cle d'identification des espèces
Abstract Beltrania Penzig : B. magnoliae sp. nov., with a taxonomic key to species. Beltrania magnoliae sp. nov., from decaying leaves of Magnolia gradiflora L. (Magnoliaceae) from south-west ofExpand
A new species of Beltraniopsis from Brazil, with a key to the known species.
Beltraniopsis miconiae sp. nov. was isolated on decaying leaves of Miconia cabussu and characterized by the constriction at the subequatorial zone of the conidium and inflated apical cell of theExpand
Some setose Hyphomycetes of leaf litter in south India
Twenty species of setose Hyphomycetes occurring in leaf litter in south India and belonging to the genera Beltrania, Beltraniella, Circinotrichum, Codinaea, and Gyrothrix are recorded or described.Expand
The generic concept in hyphomycetes - a reappraisal.
Beltraniopsis-Novo gênero de fungos dematiaceae
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Mycologie concrete: Genera II (suite et fin)
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Fungi S. Paulenses II. a cl
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Fungi S. Paulensis II. a cl. Puttemans Collecti