Pornography in the current digital technology environment: An overview of a special issue on pornography

  title={Pornography in the current digital technology environment: An overview of a special issue on pornography},
  author={Marc N. Potenza},
  journal={Sexual Addiction \& Compulsivity},
  pages={241 - 247}
  • M. Potenza
  • Published 2 October 2018
  • Sociology
  • Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity
Abstract Pornography use is a prevalent behavior that involves individual differences in types and patterns of consumption and potential positive and negative impacts. From an individual and public health perspective, identifying possible harms associated with specific types and patterns of pornography use in specific individuals (and groups and subgroups of individuals) is of particular relevance. Given changes linked to technological advancements, pornographic material is readily accessible… 
Pornography Consumption in People of Different Age Groups: an Analysis Based on Gender, Contents, and Consequences
Pornography consumption has increased exponentially in recent decades. Most studies conducted so far are focused on adult samples (typically, between 18 and 30 years old), limiting the
Problematic Pornography Viewing from a Big-5 Personality Perspective
Abstract This study extended prior findings by examining how Big-5 personality traits are related to four dimensions of problematic pornography viewing: functional problems, excessive use, control
Editorial: Sexual Interaction in Digital Contexts: Opportunities and Risks for Sexual Health
Media Psychology and Media Design, Institute of Media and Communication Science, Department of Economic Sciences and Media, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Ilmenau, Germany, 2 Social Psychology:


Is Women’s Problematic Pornography Viewing Related to Body Image or Relationship Satisfaction?
Abstract Pornography viewing is a growing practice that has been understudied in samples of women. As an answer to calls within the literature, we explored the role of problematic pornography viewing
Self-Perceived Effects of Pornography Consumption
The overall findings suggest that many young Danish adults believe that pornography has had primarily a positive effect on various aspects of their lives.
Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence: An Integrative Model with a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Porn-related problems—particularly feelings of addiction to pornography—may be, in many cases, better construed as functions of discrepancies—moral incongruence—between pornography-related beliefs and pornography- related behaviors.
Personal Pornography Viewing and Sexual Satisfaction: A Quadratic Analysis
Quadratic analyses indicated a curvilinear relationship between personal pornography viewing and sexual satisfaction in the form of a predominately negative, concave downward curve, which did not differ as a function of participants' gender, relationship status, or religiosity.
Self-identification as a pornography addict: examining the roles of pornography use, religiousness, and moral incongruence
Abstract At present, the scientific community has not reached a consensus regarding whether or not people may be become addicted to or compulsive in use of pornography. Even so, a substantial number
Clinical Characteristics of Men Interested in Seeking Treatment for Use of Pornography
Findings could be used to inform current screening practices aimed at identifying specific aspects of sexual self-control, impulsivity, and/or compulsivity associated with problematic use of pornography among treatment-seeking individuals.
Viewing pornography through a children’s rights lens
Abstract Recent research related to childhood exposure to pornography suggests that some children may be harmed by the exposure, which raises legal issues in light of the international legal
Is scrupulosity behind the relationship between problematic pornography viewing and depression, anxiety, and stress?
Abstract This study examined how scrupulosity, depression, anxiety, stress, and neuroticism may statistically predict problematic pornography viewing dimensions. Participants (n = 507 women and n =
Pornography and sexuality research papers at the 5th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions
Abstract The 5th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions was held in Cologne, Germany, April 23–25, 2018. It featured one of the largest concentrations of papers on pornography and sexual