Pornography and Degradation

  title={Pornography and Degradation},
  author={Judith M. Hill},
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I have taken a Kantian approach to the issue of pornography and degradation. My thesis is that by perpetuating derogatory myths about womankind, for the sake of financial gain, the pornography industry treats the class of women as a means only, and not as composed of individuals who are ends in themselves. It thus de-grades all women, as members of this class, imputing to them less than full human status. 
Sexism and Pornography Use
Abstract Empirical research has failed to provide a clear understanding of the relationship between pornography use and sexism. Study 1 showed an inverse correlation between modern sexism and
What themes in pornography lead to perceptions of the degradation of women
We assessed ratings of nine themes in commercial pornography to test feminist theory about what is degrading to women in pornography. Ninety‐four female and 89 male college student volunteers rated
Horror Films and the Argument from Reactive Attitudes
Are horror films immoral? Gianluca Di Muzio argues that horror films of a certain kind are immoral because they undermine the reactive attitudes that are responsible for human agents being disposed
Don’t Demean “Invasives”: Conservation and Wrongful Species Discrimination
It is argued that the classification of any species as “invasive” constitutes wrongful discrimination, and its being wrong to categorize a species as invasive is perfectly compatible with it being morally permissible to kill animals—assuming that conservationists “kill equally”.
O que há de errado com a pornografia
O meu objetivo neste ensaio e mostrar que alguns dos argumentos geralmente fornecidos pelos movimentos feministas e pelos conservadores contra a pornografia nao sao argumentos solidos e, por essa


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you enter our movement.” He suggested that I come next Wednesday, to help with expediting the Freiheit, to write addresses and fold the papers — “and afterwards we may be able to talk.” With several
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Living my lve
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