Pornography Consumption, Perceptions of Pornography as Sexual Information, and Condom Use

  title={Pornography Consumption, Perceptions of Pornography as Sexual Information, and Condom Use},
  author={Paul J. Wright and Chyng Feng Sun and Nicola J. Steffen},
  journal={Journal of Sex \& Marital Therapy},
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ABSTRACT Pornography use is becoming more commonplace and may be a modality by which individuals receive sex education. This survey study assessed pornography consumption, perceptions of pornography as a source of sexual information, and condom use in a heterosexual sample of 200 sexually active German adults who were not in monogamous relationships. At the bivariate, overall sample level, there was only a modest association between consuming pornography and a decreased frequency of condom use… 
Is Pornography Consumption a Risk Factor for Condomless Sex?
This paper presents meta-analytic findings on the association between pornography consumption and condomless sex. Results were based on 45 reports spanning two decades. Data from 18 countries, with
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Overall, pornography consumption and pornography tolerance were either irrelevant in predicting sexism or were associated with greater egalitarianism, which appears that pornography consumption is now irrelevant to sexism rather than promoting egalitarianism.
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Findings on U.S. teenagers’ exposure to pornography, motivation for viewing pornography, perceptions of pornography’s realism, identification with pornographic actors, and sexual aggression risk from the National Survey of Porn Use, Relationships, and Sexual Socialization, a population-based probability study are reported.
Links of Perceived Pornography Realism with Sexual Aggression via Sexual Scripts, Sexual Behavior, and Acceptance of Sexual Coercion: A Study with German University Students
Testing the hypothesis that the more realistic pornography is perceived to be by young adults, the more likely they are to experience and engage in sexual aggression, pornography realism was a positive predictor of risky sexual scripts, risky sexual behavior, and acceptance of sexual coercion.
Prevalence, Patterns and Self-Perceived Effects of Pornography Consumption in Polish University Students: A Cross-Sectional Study
Age of first exposure was significantly associated with reported need for longer stimulation and more sexual stimuli to reach orgasm when using pornography, decrease in sexual satisfaction, and quality of romantic relationship, neglect of basic needs and duties due to pornography use, and self-perceived addiction in both females and males.
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Abstract Research indicates that pornography use is now practically ubiquitous among males and continually increasing among females. These statistics are concerning in light of decades of research
The Prevalence of Using Pornography for Information About How to Have Sex: Findings from a Nationally Representative Survey of U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults
Pornography was the most commonly endorsed helpful source for adolescents in the 18–24-year-old age group, as compared to other possible options such as sexual partners, friends, media, and health care professionals.
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ABSTRACT This study examines associations between adolescents’ exposure to two television genres that convey contradictory sexual messages and the expectation of sexual perfectionism over a period of


Consumption of Pornography, Perceived Peer Norms, and Condomless Sex
Pornography consumption was directly associated with a higher likelihood of condomless sex in study 1, and this finding was replicated in study 2, while perceptions of peers’ use of condoms partially mediates the association between pornography consumption and condomlesssex.
German Heterosexual Women’s Pornography Consumption and Sexual Behavior
This study found that German heterosexual women’s personal and partnered consumption of pornography were positively correlated with their desire to engage in or having previously engaged in
Condom use and male homosexual pornography.
The portrayal of unprotected sex in pornography targeted at MSM may be more common than indicated, and the frequency of protected sex in male homosexual pornography may be much lower than indicated by Grudzen et al.
Sexual Scripts and the Sexual Behavior of Men and Women Who Use Pornography
Using data collected from 1,880 heterosexual men and women residing in the United States, this study investigated the associations among gender, pornography consumption, and 20 sexual behaviors
United States Women and Pornography Through Four Decades: Exposure, Attitudes, Behaviors, Individual Differences
The positive association between pornography exposure and women’s recent sexual behavior was strongest for the most liberal women and weakest for the least conservative women, and liberal–conservative ideology moderated the association.
Korean Men’s Pornography use, Their Interest in Extreme Pornography, and Dyadic Sexual Relationships
ABSTRACT Objectives: The aim of the study was to assess the connections between pornography use (both frequency and interest in extreme pornography) and dyadic sexual relationships. Methods:
Internet pornography exposure and risky sexual behavior among adult males in the United States
General Social Survey data from 2000, 2002, and 2004 are used to explore the association between exposure to internet pornography and these STI risk behaviors among adult US males and provide unique insight into the risky sexual behavior patterns of adult male internet pornography consumers.
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Exposure to Pornographic Videos and Its Effect on HIV-Related Sexual Risk Behaviours among Male Migrant Workers in Southern India
The findings regarding migrants' exposure to pornography and its linkage with high HIV risk behaviour suggest that the HIV prevention programmes for migrants need to be more innovative to communicate on the negative-effects of viewing pornography.