Pornography, Women and Feminism: Between Pleasure and Politics

  title={Pornography, Women and Feminism: Between Pleasure and Politics},
  author={Karen Ciclitira},
  pages={281 - 301}
This article draws on a qualitative research study which set out to explore women’s experiences and views of pornography within the broader context of conflicting feminist positions on pornography. The research methodology posed an implicit criticism of the kind of ‘findings’ familiar from mainstream psychological research: semi-structured interviews were conducted with women from diverse backgrounds in the UK, and feminist theory and discourse analysis were used to inform interpretation of… 
Traces of Pornography: Shame, Scripted Action, and Agency in Narratives of Young Swedish Women
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ABSTRACT While there exists some empirical research on women’s use of pornography, the manner in which women do, and how they understand their pornographic spectatorship, remains under-examined.
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The first systematic review of research using qualitative methods published in English in peer-reviewed journals suggests researchers need to define what they mean by pornography and specify any content used in their research and understanding would be enriched by research that is culturally contextualized and acknowledges public discourses about pornography.
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Abstract‘Ethics’ has assumed prominence in the neoliberal iteration of responsibilized and self-governing individuals. Spectatorship—what we view and how we view it—has been conceptualized under this
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