Porcine teschovirus in wild boars in Hungary

  title={Porcine teschovirus in wild boars in Hungary},
  author={{\'A}kos Boros and Csaba Nemes and P{\'e}ter Pankovics and Beatrix Kapusinszky and Eric L Delwart and G{\'a}bor Reuter},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
The genus Teschovirus, family Picornaviridae, currently includes 12 serotypes (PTV 1 to 12) isolated from swine. PTVs have been well studied in domestic pigs, but knowledge about PTVs in wild boars is deficient. Here, we report the first complete PTV genome sequence from 7 (70 %) of 10 fecal samples of wild boar piglets (Sus scrofa) by RT-PCR and pyrosequencing. Analysis of the wild boar PTV strain WB2C-TV/2011/HUN (JQ429405) showed considerable difference, especially in VP1 (66-74 % amino acid… CONTINUE READING


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