Porcine spermatozoa contain more than one membrane progesterone receptor.

  title={Porcine spermatozoa contain more than one membrane progesterone receptor.},
  author={Ralf M. L{\"o}sel and Alexandra Dorn-Beineke and Elisabeth Falkenstein and Martin Wehling and Martin Feuring},
  journal={The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology},
  volume={36 8},
Progesterone has been shown to be a physiologically relevant inducer of the sperm acrosome reaction. A novel protein intrinsic to microsomal membranes, membrane progesterone receptor (mPR, now termed progesterone membrane receptor component 1, PGMRC1) that binds progesterone with high affinity has been cloned from porcine liver previously, and corresponding antibodies mitigate the progesterone induced acrosome reaction. In this study we aimed at the localization of mPR in porcine spermatozoa… CONTINUE READING

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