Populist radical right parties in Europe

  title={Populist radical right parties in Europe},
  author={Cas Mudde},
  • C. Mudde
  • Published 1 August 2007
  • Political Science
As Europe enters a significant phase of re-integration of East and West, it faces an increasing problem with the rise of far-right political parties. Cas Mudde offers the first comprehensive and truly pan-European study of populist radical right parties in Europe. He focuses on the parties themselves, discussing them both as dependent and independent variables. Based upon a wealth of primary and secondary literature, this book offers critical and original insights into three major aspects of… 

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Although there is growing research interest in populist radical right (PRR) parties in Western Europe, little attention has been paid to the case of Spain – a country where these parties are almost

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The social policy agendas of populist radical right parties in comparative perspective

  • M. Fenger
  • Political Science
    Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy
  • 2018
ABSTRACT In many European countries and in the US, populist right-wing parties are gaining ground. The political agenda of these parties is dominated by their reluctant or even out-right hostile

Voting for Radical Right Parties in Europe: the Role of Cultural Change and Party Polarization

  • V. Safronov
  • Political Science
    Telescope: Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research
  • 2018
The article is devoted to the problem of rapid growth in recent decades of electoral support for radical right-wing parties in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. The first part of the article

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Radical parties have been found to succeed under conditions of mass polarization. It is argued that their message resonates better with voters at the extremes of an ideological spectrum. This paper

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This article investigates the recent government participation of a number of radical right-wing populist parties in West European democracies. With the help of coalition formation theories the



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