Populist Influences On American Fascism

  title={Populist Influences On American Fascism},
  author={Victor C. Ferkiss},
  journal={Political Research Quarterly},
  pages={350 - 373}
  • V. Ferkiss
  • Published 1957
  • Political Science
  • Political Research Quarterly
HE DOCTRINAL roots of American fascist thought have long remained obscure for reasons inherent in recent American history itself. Essentially fascist popular movements grew up in America during the period 1929-41 at a time when American publicists and intellectuals were rediscovering America in their reaction to the growth of fascism and nazism abroad. Increased regard for American tradition among hitherto alienated intellectuals made them reluctant to admit that movements such as those led by… Expand
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ed or general level. Attempts to be more specific seem doomed. As an informative example, we may take the paper by Peter Wiles, to whom populism is: "...any creed or movement based on the followingExpand
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Following its swift demise the National Progressive movement received unstinting praise from Coughlin's Social Justice
    Following the breakup of the old Farmer-Labor party during the war years
      Langer denied the charges, saying he and this group were discussing old-age pensions, the improving of race relations, and "other liberal measures dear to the late Senator Norris
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