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Populism Between Left and Right

  title={Populism Between Left and Right},
  author={Stylianos Papathanassopoulos and Iliana Giannouli and Ioannis Andreadis},
Introduction By reviewing the existing literature on populism in Greece, this chapter, aims at providing a systematic framework to understand the role of populist rhetoric in the formation of the modern Greek state and in contemporary Greek political culture. Most of the literature on populism is based on theoretical work. The quantity of publications based on empirical work has, until recently, been limited. Currently, a growing number of studies are centered on populism. Surveys that include… Expand
European Populism: A Communicative Aspect
  • G. Chernov
  • Political Science
  • Studies in Media and Communication
  • 2019
This paper deals with the growing populism movement in Europe. This movement is critical of the European Union and its certain economic and immigration policies. The studies dominant in the fieldExpand
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Most studies see demand for populist forces driven by broad sociological factors that make certain issues salient among specific constituencies. However, this argument is not normally tested at theExpand


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