Populationsdynamische Wirkung vonPerillus bioculatus (Fabr.) [Het. pentatomidae] auf den Kartoffelkäfer

  title={Populationsdynamische Wirkung vonPerillus bioculatus (Fabr.) [Het. pentatomidae] auf den Kartoffelk{\"a}fer},
  author={A. Szmidt and W. Wegorek},
SummaryTrials to acclimatize the predatory pentatomidPerillus bioculatus (Fabr.) in Europe did not yet lead to establishment of the predator (Franz, 1966). Practical utilization of the pentatomid in the biological control of the Colorado potato beetle could, at present, only consist in an annual mass release of them for which a permanent mass rearing of the predator would be necessary. Such considerations caused an experiment to test which population density of the predator could lead to… Expand
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