Populations of bacteria and actinomycetes associated with sclerotia ofPhymatotrichum omnivorum buried in Houston black clay

  title={Populations of bacteria and actinomycetes associated with sclerotia ofPhymatotrichum omnivorum buried in Houston black clay},
  author={D. Zuberer and C. M. Kenerley and M. Jeger},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Sclerotia ofPhymatotrichum omnivorum (Shear) Duggar (the causal agent of root rot of cotton) were produced in the laboratory and then buried at a depth of 45 cm at three sites in Texas situated on Houston black clay soils with various cropping histories. The sites included a native grassland prairie, a field in continuous cotton production, and a field in which cotton, corn, and sorghum were grown in rotation. Samples of sclerotia were retrieved monthly over a 12 month period. Populations of… Expand

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