Population structure and responses to disturbance of the basidiomycete Resinicium bicolor

  title={Population structure and responses to disturbance of the basidiomycete Resinicium bicolor},
  author={John Kirby and Jan Stenlid and Ottmar Holdenrieder},
Resinicium bicolor (Alb. & Schw. ex Fr.) Parm. [=Odontia bicolor (Alb. & Schw. ex Fr.) Bres.] is an outcrossing resupinate basidiomycete associated with root and butt rots of trees, but is itself only very weakly pathogenic. The distribution of genets among every spruce stump in a 70-year-old 1250 m2 spruce stand was analysed using somatic incompatibility testing. R. bicolor was present on 40% of 8-to 10-year-old stumps. Nineteen genets were found occupying 32 stumps; yielding probabilities of… CONTINUE READING


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