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Population status of jungle cat (Felis chaus) in Egirdir Lake, Turkey.

  title={Population status of jungle cat (Felis chaus) in Egirdir Lake, Turkey.},
  author={Idris Oğurlu and Ebubekir Gundogdu and Ismet Ceyhun Yildirim},
  journal={Journal of environmental biology},
  volume={31 1-2},
This study has been conducted between years 2002-2008 in nearby Egirdir lake, which is acknowledged to be amongst the biggest fresh water lakes in Turkey. Within the scope of this study observations have been made on one of the cat species common in Turkey, Jungle Cat Felis chaus, its biology distribution, population size, behavior and food in their habitat as well as problems conceming its conservation. The findings have been compared to previous data set worldwide. Besides, the status of this… Expand

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